My First Coding Project

Antonio Esp
2 min readDec 13, 2020

My first project was my ESPN NFL Scraping project where I had to write a program that scrapes data from The ESPN website for stats about NFL Teams. This being my first project that I have ever coded was a learning experience. Many nights, I had found myself feeling frustrated and walking away and returning my computer. I have had some struggles learning a certain skill in life, but coding has been one of the most frustrating.

With some ease I had been able to code my Article Class. After reviewing my lessons numerous times, I had found this portion of the code easier to do. The difficulties came when I started to code my CLI and Scraper classes. I never realized that building certain menus came with a lot of difficulty. Cycling through a menu seems so easy when you are the user, but it never occurred to me that building the menu was so complex. Writing my first 2 methods was rather self-explanatory and simple, my difficulties began when I started to get into my display articles, article menu, and show article content methods. For my article menu, I understood how to code the options menu into my method. After coding my menu, I noticed that there was some problems getting my code to pass. After trying different ways to alter my code, I finally took to Google and found that I needed to do an “” in my code. I felt the biggest sigh of relief and felt the dopamine kicking in once I saw my terminal start to turn green. Finally I started to develop some confidence in completing my project. I encountered more difficulties going further into my code, but I received some help, and after my previous event, I felt more motivation to complete this project.

Some of my journey during this course has been somewhat de-motivating. I have been able to acquire and learn some skills with less difficulty. Never would I have imagined that learning to code would put my patience and ability to overcome adversity to one of it’s biggest tests. I am very thankful for being able to complete this project because I have learned a lot from the ups and downs that I have experienced so far. Completing this project has definitely helped me learn a lot about myself.