React Car Project

Antonio Esp
2 min readNov 16, 2021

For my React Project, I came up with the good idea of doing a car project. I had already completed some projects on some of my favorite things, and spent a lot of time contemplating on what to do. A close friend of mine and I had been catching up after a month. We are both investors in cryptocurrency and were discussing our dream houses, vacations, but we all of a sudden mentioned about some of our dream cars. This conversation was an inspiration to this project.

In my App.js component, I had to import everything from the other components and create the routes for my Home.js, Cars.js, and CarBrands.js pages.


My Cars.js component, when the “add car” button is clicked, the form will allow the user to add a new car.


My NavBar.js is where I created all of my links to my different pages.


Finally, in my NewCar.js, this will allow the user to fill and submit a form to add a car to the database.

NewCar.js pt. 1
NewCar.js pt. 2

This project was a little difficult to do, but I feel that I have learned alot from it.