Why I decided to learn Software Engineering?

Over the years I have been trying to find my path. 2 weeks after high school graduation, I had went to the Navy. At first I had dreams of becoming a SEAL, but unfortunately I was a few points shy on my ASVAB to qualify. I later decided to learn a Mechanic/Plant Operator trade during my service time. This helped me develop an appreciation for machines, and utilize my problem solving skills. It had occurred to me as my service time was going to end, that I wanted to pursue a degree in Engineering.

After my time was done, I enrolled into Community College in my hometown. After a few semesters, I later enrolled at the University of Houston. Unfortunately things did not work out. I had struggled a lot with the higher level math courses.

I had worked in several different industries including the Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, and Biomedical. During those times I was trouble shooting machines and I really enjoyed helping the company and providing and its employees technical knowledge and support. I had met an Engineer that was writing a software program for some of the deep sea drilling machines, while I was working in the Oil and Gas industry. That sparked my interest at first for Software Engineering.

Later on I had seen that the Tech industry had a wide spectrum of jobs and programming languages. I had heard about Software Engineering, Data Science, Cyber Security, etc. After doing some thorough research, I had found that Software Engineering was the route I had decided to take.



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